Lawsuit Update

(courtesy of Becket Fund)
HHS Mandate Lawsuits

Current Scorecard for For-Profit Cases (See Case Database for details)

31 for-profit lawsuits* have been filed over the HHS mandate. To date, of the 25 for-profit plaintiffs that have obtained rulings touching on the merits of their claims against the HHS Mandate, 19 have secured injunctive relief against it, for a current score of 19-6.

Injunctions Granted (i.e., don’t have to comply with the HHS mandate while case proceeds in court):


Injunctions Denied (i.e., must comply with mandate while the full case continues in court):

Temporary Restraining Orders Denied:

Cases filed, no additional action:

* The numbers of for-profit and non-profit lawsuits provided in the respective scorecard take into account Geneva College v. Sebelius,  which includes both for-profit and non-profit plaintiffs. Thus, the case is included in each scorecard’s tallies. **DOJ declined to appeal the injunction



Status of Non-Profit Cases (See Case Database for details)

30 non-profit lawsuits have been filed against Secretary Sebelius over the HHS mandate. This includes lawsuits by religious organizations such as hospitals, charities, religious colleges, and Catholic dioceses. To date, no non-profit case has been decided on the merits, there have only been rulings on procedural issues such as timing.

Cases allowed by the court to move forward:

Cases held in abeyance by the court (i.e., waiting for action from the administration):

Cases waiting on procedural rulings (i.e., timing issues):

Cases filed, no additional action:

Cases dismissed by the court on procedural issues: