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BREAKING NEWS: Quoting Joe & Mika from Morning Joe – ‘Sleazy’

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The internet is abuzz this morning with the latest Wiki-Leaks email releases which appear to show that the Clintons aggressively exploited their ‘charitable’ foundation for personal gains, already identified to the tune of up to $100 million.

MSNBC is certainly not known as a bastion of conservative thought.  However, on this morning’s “Morning Joe” program, you could not help but see the shock and disdain regarding these latest Wiki-Leaks revelations.

Major newspapers also carried the story today:

·       New York Times: Donations to Foundation Vexed Hillary Clinton’s Aides, Emails Show

·       Wall Street Journal: Clinton Foundation’s Fundraisers Pressed Donors to Steer Business to Former President

·       Washington Post: Inside ‘Bill Clinton Inc.’: Hacked memo reveals intersection of charity and personal income


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