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We have been working on a campaign with Catholic Defense League of Minnesota to put up billboard ads and a Facebook campaign calling on all Catholics to vote in accordance of Church teaching on abortion.

We are in need of your support to bolster the Facebook campaign with purpose to educate Catholics in two areas: 1. Responsibility to vote. 2. When you have two candidates one being pro-abortion the other pro-life the church doctrine of proportionate reason would place prolife as superseding other goods that the pro-abortion candidate may represent as being more important.

Please see videos links below :

The Facebook campaign that has already begun during the last week or so has provided for 530,000 experiences engaged with Catholics in critical geographic areas. The ability to reach out to 5,000,000 is achievable if we can raise $35,000. Essentially, each visit is costing $.01 or a penny each. Time is of the essence with days until the election, we need your support today. Every contribution would assist us.

Donations to the Catholic Defense League are tax deductible.

Catholics For Truth

A new Facebook group has been recently launched called Catholics for Truth.

The group features some very important information to help educate Catholic voters on the importance of non-negotiable issues, such as abortion.

In particular, the following videos are especially informative:

· Your Soul Could Be In Grave Danger If You Vote For Pro-Abortion Politicians

· Clinton Campaign Calls For Rebellion in Catholic Church

· Abortion: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words

Please share this information with other Catholics you know.

Please also join us in praying the Novena for Our Nation.

Pay by Credit Card:
Catholic Defense League
3499 Lexington Ave North
St. Paul MN 55126-8017
Wire to: Alloya Federal Credit Union
ABA: 271987635
Address: 4450 Weaver Parkway
Warrenville, IL 60555
Phone: 651-234-2400

For further credit to: Catholic United Financial Credit Union-St Paul, MN
Account Number 096081729
Address 3499 Lexington Ave North
St Paul, MN 55126
Phone: 651-765-4132

For Final Credit to: Member’s Name: Catholic Defense League
Account Number Member’s account Number: 1004741201

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