Religious Freedom

Agree to Disagree

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Why is it so difficult for the people of the world to agree to disagree on the fundamental differences that make each person unique? The United States has always been considered a “melting pot” of these differences, with each person arriving in the country bringing something unique with them that, in conjunction with the unique things everyone else brings, makes America the country of freedom that it is.

Tantamount to this freedom are the freedoms outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the two founding documents of the United States. And above all in those two documents is the freedom of religion. And the United States is clearly an example of what happens when freedom of religion is freely given and practiced.

The United States has become home to thousands of differing religious beliefs, all born and raised in the only nation where that would be possible. And, for the most part, these religious beliefs coexist in harmony. Most of them are Christian, but there are other groups that are recognized as a religion by the U.S. government.

But there are times when religions clash. This has been the case since the beginning of religion. Religion is the most core and fundamental belief a person can have, and when that fundamental belief is at odds with someone else’s fundamental belief, strife is likely.

The United States, with all of its differing religious beliefs has proven, however, that religions can exist side by side without attacking each other. Those who attack others in the name of religion are labeled as radicals, and often shunned by their religious body.

Freedom of religion does work in the United States because Americans have agreed to disagree on religion. They know that only by respecting the religious beliefs of others will their religious beliefs be respected. Most everyone knows that their religious beliefs are as dear to them as the religious beliefs of others are dear to others.

By respecting the freedom of religion that this nation was founded on, Americans have proved to the world that it is possible to exist peacefully with each other, regardless of the fundamental beliefs that make us different.

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