Religious Freedom

An Education of Atheists


Do a quick Internet news search for “freedom of religion”. Did you notice the large number of recent stories about the big “wins” for the Freedom FROM Religion group? This radical atheist group is growing in strength and power as it takes on religion – in all its forms – in the United States. And they must be stopped.

Atheists in the United States are the only group of people that choose to not live peaceably with religious bodies of all kinds. Methodists live in peace with Hindus and Catholics live in peace with Muslims every day. But radical atheists are fighting a war to eliminate all religion from a nation where freedom of religion used to be something that set the United States apart from the rest of the world.

And they are starting to win that war.

These atheists do not recognize that the U.S. Constitution is a legal document between the government and the people declaring that the government will not interfere in the rights of the people to practice any religion, including the right to not practice any religion at all. Instead, radical atheists declare that the First Amendment states that religion will not exist in the United States because they believe the government cannot express religious beliefs.

The First Amendment does not include a “separation of Church and State” clause as atheists believe. It states that the government will not pass a law in favor of or against a religious belief system. Atheists believe, wrongly, that if a local sheriff places a cross on the police cruisers, that sheriff is violating the First Amendment rights of the atheists. But they are wrong.

It is time for the atheists of the United States to be properly educated in what the First Amendment is really about, and it is time for the religious people – who vastly outnumber the atheists – to stand together and take back the right to freely practice any religion.

It is not the religious people that are trying to take away the right for atheists to not believe in anything. It is the atheists that are trying to take away the right for the religious to believe in something.

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