Religious Freedom

God’s Role

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God has always played a pivotal role in the history of the United States. From the beginning of this great nation’s history, people from all over the world have risked a dangerous voyage to an unknown land with one assurance: That they would be free to practice their religion in the way they saw fit.

No other nation before or after the founding of the United States has afforded that same level of freedom. So paramount to the life of Americans is freedom of religion that it is codified into the very Constitution which sets forth all laws for the country.

As the rest of the world watched, the United States grew strong with its freedom of religion. The lawmakers knew that if people were allowed to freely worship and practice religion, the other freedoms they enjoyed would mean that much more. And America would grow strong.

Many other nations have tried to mimic the freedoms of the United States, but they have all failed to follow the guiding principle of freedom of religion, the way it is understood in the United States. While people from around the world seek to escape religious persecution in all its forms, many cannot get to the United States, where that freedom will be guaranteed.

Until recently.

The United States no longer places importance on freedom of religion, choosing to focus, instead, on freedom from religion. The lawmakers in Washington, DC and in state houses across the country are violating the Constitution with an interpretation of that great document that leaves no room for people to freely practice their religion.

God had a plan for the United States. There is no doubt about that. From the beginning, this nation has been destined for greatness because the lawmakers and founders put God first in their establishment of what this country would be.

Now, the people, the same people that sought freedom of religion in the first place, must return to God’s plan and take back the freedom of religion that has been lacking in the twenty-first century. This nation was founded by bold individuals who knew that only by establishing a country where freedom of religion came first could all other God-given freedoms thrive.

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