Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom in the Military


The United States military is a part of the United States government. That means that the military should be a prime example of following the U.S. Constitution. But in the case of a young Marine in North Carolina, that was not the case.

Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling is a devout Christian woman, and she took her faith with her as she defended the U.S. Constitution and the people of the United States. However, at Camp Lejeune, a superior officer told her that having a Christian verse at her desk was offensive and needed to be removed or she would be punished.

Sterling has been fighting in military courts since the incident in 2013. And she continues to lose.

A Navy court issued a ruling that the verse was not free exercise of religion. How can this not be free exercise of religion? How can a Christian woman placing a Christian saying on her desk not be free exercise?

This is the world in which the Christian (or Jew or Muslim or Hindu) lives: a place where the Constitutionally-guaranteed right to freely live one’s religion is denied by the very government that is supposed to uphold and defend that right.

Has the United States lost its way? As a nation founded on religious freedom, it would seem that over the last decade freedom of religion in the United States has become a thing of the past. How can the military deny the right of a Marine to practice her religion as she fights to defend that freedom?

What is to become of the freedoms of the people in the “land of the free”, if the fundamental freedoms are taken away? The people of the United States do not know their freedoms are being eroded, or they simply do not care. But for those who wish to freely live their religion, there is no place to do that in America, anymore.

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