Religious Freedom

Stand Up for Your Constitutionally-Guaranteed Religious Rights

The so-called “separation of Church and State” is something that has been around since Thomas Jefferson. He was the one who called for that separation, and he has been quoted in legal arguments ever since.

But the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not call for a separation. The word “separation” does not appear in the clause pertaining to religion. What Thomas Jefferson called for was his own opinion, and is not grounded in the U.S. legal code.

But many anti-religion people and groups in the U.S. are using the precedent that there is a separation of Church and State to fight against freedom of religion. It has become freedom from religion, and it is tearing apart the moral fabric of the country.

In today’s America, many people do not want to believe in God or any higher being. Yes, there is a vast majority of citizens who still cling to some form of religion. But it is the people who believe in nothing that are the most vocal. And they are winning the fight against religion.

Freedom of religion, as defined by the First Amendment, means that anyone in the United States can have any religious belief they want, so long as those beliefs do not harm another person. This means that anyone is free to believe in nothing just as much as they are free to believe in Something.

But those that believe in nothing believe that their way is the only Constitutionally-protected way. They are twisting the legal precedence, based on Jefferson, to their own aim of eliminating religion from the United States of America, starting with any semblance of government involvement.

The government serves to protect the people of the United States. They lay down the laws and enforce them. But when the people distort the law against the government, the government is left powerless to protect the people.

The religious people of the United States must stand up against the bullying of the anti-religious. The Constitution is on the side of religion, not against it. If people knew that their right to practice religion is guaranteed by the government, they would stand against those who fight against religious freedom.

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