Religious Freedom

Stand Together


The United States of America is founded on the principle of freedom. For over 200 years, people have left their homes all over the world with one aim in mind: to get to the United States to experience that freedom that has been promised for generations.

One of the first things that people coming to the United States sought was freedom of religion. People have been traveling to the United States, risking their lives and leaving everything behind, for an opportunity to practice their religious beliefs the way that they see fit.

But that freedom is coming to an end. As the United States “progresses” into a far more secular society that no long places importance on religion, those individuals and groups which still hold tight to their beliefs are being shut out of society.

The United States is changing in front of the world, and not in a good way.

It seems that every month a new law or court ruling comes out that further restricts freedom of religion in the United States. And the people that are most affected by these laws are powerless to stop them. Some lawmakers are trying to fight for religious freedom, but society is putting pressure on them, as well.

What can be done? Whether you are a Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, or Hindu, you recognize the importance of religion in your life. And you also believe that there is something bigger than the secular laws of society, which aim to limit your freedom.

If the people who believe in religion stand together in the face of what amounts to illegal discrimination, there is a chance that things will get better. Religion must present a unified front against secular society. There are far more religious people in the United States, who believe that freedom of religion is not something that can be compromised, than there are people who believe religion has no place in America.

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