Religious Freedom

One Hope


Is there no hope? Will no one stand up, gather the fallen banners, and carry the fight onward? It seems that freedom of religion in the United States is to die once and for all. The so-called “progressive” government of the last eight years, coupled with a growing shift in the politics of Americans, has doomed freedom of religion to be nothing more than a memory.

Some argue that a new President, a new government, elected in 2016 will change the direction of the country. But none of the candidates running for President cares anything for religious liberty in the United States. They care only for their own agenda, which is either to carry on the legacy of the past eight years or totally destroy it.

The people must rise up and stand, with firm resolve, in the face of any government that aims to take away the God-given right to free practice of religion. The United States is founded on the principle that the people control the government, not the other way around. And if the people want freedom to practice religion, they have the right to demand it.

Religion is still strong in the United States. Whether a person is Jewish, Catholic, Methodist, Muslim, or anything else, they are practicing and living their faith more and more. But the government has sought to quash that free practice of religion by passing laws which aim to limit how and where a person can practice their beliefs.

But those religious people have just as much of a right to vote people in and out of office. The U.S. House of Representatives is completely voted in or out of office every two years. Senators only serve for six years, and the President serves for four years. The entire U.S. government can be replaced in less than a decade. And state governments can also be replaced.

Voice your right to live your religion in your daily life. In November, Americans go to the polls to elect new individuals who will make up the government across the country. Stand firm in your religious convictions, and vote with your conscience. You have the right to make freedom of religion a priority for the United States once again.

If every religious American voted with their religion at heart, there is hope that this country will once again be a bastion of religious freedom for the world. It all comes down to those individuals who go out and vote in November, to change the course of American history, and swing it back in favor of the right to freely practice religion.

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