Religious Freedom

The NFL on Freedom of Religion


The National Football League is speaking out against religious freedom in the United States by pressuring the Atlanta Falcons to speak out against a measure in Georgia that would protect the First Amendment rights of people in that state. Specifically, the NFL may not award a Super Bowl to Atlanta if the measure is passed into law.

The NFL prides itself on its aura of tolerance for all people, however false that image may actually be. The professional football organization wants to take a stand against discrimination, which is an admirable thing. However, the law that Georgia is considering is not a form of discrimination, it is a guarantee that those with religious beliefs will not be discriminated against for their beliefs.

People do not understand that the right to believe in God and His teachings comes first among the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. People are entitled to that right, and they are entitled to live their beliefs on a daily basis. When lawmakers try to take that right away by passing laws that require people to violate their beliefs in the name of fairness to all, the lawmakers are violating the Constitution.

When a private organization throws their full weight against religious freedom, as the NFL is doing in Georgia, that organization is speaking out against freedom of religion. There is no law against a private group speaking out against religious freedom, but that organization should not be lauded for their efforts against the U.S. Constitution.

The United States was founded on the principle of freedom and equality for all. There is a fine line between treating everyone fairly and equally and not violating the God-given rights that the country was founded on. All people deserve to be treated the same, regardless of their beliefs or personal life. But when someone is marginalized because their beliefs go against the “progressive” direction the country is moving, that person is being discriminated against by the lawmakers and politicians who aim to protect liberty with their actions.

The NFL is probably the largest organization to speak out against religious freedom in the United States. Millions of people watch football every year, and the NFL is wrongfully using that power over people to make a political statement against the very Constitution that gives them the right to make that statement. People will choose to follow the NFL in its stance against freedom of religion, and that will be a major blow to people who practice any religion in the United States.

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