Religious Freedom



When will the religious people of the United States wake up to the fact that their First Amendment rights are being eroded more and more on a daily basis? When will they say “enough is enough,” and stand together against the tyranny of the government that is choosing to listen to those that twist the words of the First Amendment to remove religion from the United States? It is called “progressive” to destroy religion in this country, but it is really regression that the nation is facing as it moves away from the principles it was founded on in the eighteenth century and toward an archaic past where people were not free to live their lives the way they want to, based on strict religious beliefs.

The U.S. Constitution and its Amendments serve as the foundation for how the government works and how law will rule the nation. But when the government chooses to ignore that document – which has served the United States so well for over two hundred years – it is turning its back on the people of the United States, the very people that elected the government to office. And the latest victim of this attack on the American people and way of life is religion. No part of America is as fundamental as religion. It was religious persecution that people fled in Europe, hoping to build a new nation in North America where religion – any religion – was tolerated and respected.

When will America realize that it is heading in the wrong direction? There are things about this country that should change. But freedom of religion is not one of them. So long as one’s religious beliefs do not infringe upon the rights of someone else, there should be no problem with a cross in a national cemetery or on the lawn of a courthouse. Freedom of religion is not freedom of religion. When will Americans realize that?

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