Religious Freedom

The Freedom May No Longer Exist


Everyone in the world is entitled to their beliefs and opinions. Yet nowhere in the world is that more true than in the United States of America. This nation was founded on the principles of freedom for all. And so long as that freedom did not infringe on another person’s freedom, it was okay to believe and do whatever one wanted.

One of the most fundamental beliefs a person can have – something that is common across humanity – is a religious belief. Whether one is Judeo-Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or anything else, the vast majority of the world, and American, population shares a common thread of believing in something greater than themselves.

Unfortunately, the free practice of religion in the United States – something that was written into the very Constitution which defines how the nation operates – has become eroded as time has progressed. This is especially true during the twenty-first century, which has seen more attacks on freedom of religion than any other time in the nation’s history.

People call it “progress”, this eroding away of the liberties afforded to the citizens of the United States by the men and women that built the nation. But that is a dangerous term to apply. What the founders set up in the late eighteenth century was progress. By establishing a free nation designed so that its citizens could do what they believed was right, they broke with the European model of nations and set the United States on a path to greatness.

But that greatness is threatened more and more as the religious freedoms so many Americans hold dear are threatened by not just anti-religion groups, but the very government that was established to protect that freedom. The people of the United States are under attack for their religious beliefs, and there is no one that is willing to stop the attack.

The beliefs a man has come from a variety of places, and that is why everyone has different beliefs on so many topics. But religion is a common belief that is held by large groups of individuals. Every Catholic has the same core belief structure, just as every Methodist, Anglican, Jew, Muslim, and Hindu has their same core belief structure. And those beliefs were meant to be safe in the United States.

Today, take a moment to be thankful for the freedom to practice religion in the United States. Because if the nation continues down the path it is on, that freedom may no longer exist one day.

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