Religious Freedom

Supreme Court Justice Fights Government Religious “Neutrality”


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has issued a scathing statement against so-called Government Religious “Neutrality”. He argues, rightfully, that there is no such thing in the U.S. Constitution, and that it is time Liberals across the country stop arguing against Religious Freedom in the name of “neutrality”. Justice Scalia goes on to argue that God has been “good to [the U.S.]” because we have accepted Him into our nation, and those that think otherwise are misguided. Scalia argues that while the First Amendment prohibits the Government from showing favor toward one religion over another, it does not force the Government to favor non-religion over religion.

Justice Scalia is correct. But the First Amendment has become twisted by Liberal minds to fit their needs of removing God from the United States of America. They argue that any show of Religion by the Government is un-Constitutional and therefore illegal. But the First Amendment does not deem that the Government is not to be a religious body, it simply states that the Government cannot favor one religion over another. These groups that fight against religion use the argument that the Government placing a cross on their property is against the Constitution because it is a religious symbol. They are not arguing that the cross is a Christian symbol and therefore the Government office is favoring Christianity because they know that the vast majority of Americans would not argue against a Christian symbol.

It is a good thing that legal minds such as Justice Scalia are arguing for Religious Freedom in the United States. They know that this country was founded by Christians, but that those Christians understood that there are other religions. The Founders therefore established a clause in the First Amendment allowing for any religion to be practiced freely in this great country. That is Freedom of Religion: the Right to practice any religion. However, the Founders did not intend to totally divorce Church and State as many would have us believe. They knew that only by the guiding Hand of God would this country become great, and Justice Scalia knows that that Hand continues to guide our nation and by that Hand we continue to be great.

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