Religious Freedom

The States Are On Our Side


While the Federal Government continues to trample the Right to freely practice Religion in the United States, the very states that make up the Union are standing up for the Rights of individuals and businesses. And that is the way it should be in a nation made up of individual states. The Constitution of the United States not only guarantees Freedom of Religion, but it also guarantees the right of states to pass laws for the protection of the citizens of the individual states.

In the 1990s, the Federal Government passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, with the aim of solidifying Freedom of Religion from being trampled by the Government. However, under the so-called “progressive” Government that has been in Washington, DC for the last decade, the RFRA has gone by the wayside, and is all but forgotten. The Supreme Court has consistently taken up cases brought against the Government where the plaintiff feels their Religious Freedom has been destroyed. In some cases, the Court has ruled in favor of Religious Freedom, but more and more the nine justices are choosing to side with the Government and argue against the spread of Religious Freedom in the United States.

But the states themselves are choosing to side with the people and businesses. And that means that Kentucky and West Virginia and numerous other states are passing laws similar to the RFRA. And these laws cannot be uprooted by the Federal Government because they are State Laws and the states have rights afforded to them by the Constitution. These states realize that Americans want to have the freedom to practice Religion as they see fit in their daily lives, and the Government should not – cannot – have the tools to take that Right away from them.

Laws come and go in any nation. The national attitude toward a variety of subjects shifts with time. In the United States we are currently facing a period of religious persecution. But hopefully that period will be short lived. Led by the states, we can expect that the attitude in Washington, DC will change with time, and we will once again enjoy the Freedom to practice Religion as we see fit.

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