Religious Freedom

Legal Challenges to Our Right to Freedom of Religion

United States Supreme Court Building and American Flag

2015 has been a landmark year for Religious Freedom, both positively and negatively. The past 12 months have seen legal challenge after legal challenge to the First Amendment Rights of Americans, which is unfortunate. After over two hundred years of precedence, there should not be any challenges to our Freedom to practice Religion as we want to. But with the so called “progressive” Government over the last decade or so, the challenges that people of religion have faced have seemed somewhat unsurmountable. But what is more unfortunate is that the U.S. Supreme Court has been unable to make up its mind about whether the people of the United States should have the Right to live their Religious Beliefs in their daily lives and in their businesses, or if the Government has the right to dictate to the people what they can and cannot do when it comes to Religious Freedom in the United States.

The legal challenge to the HHS Mandate requiring all businesses to provide access to contraceptives and abortions is all but over, and on that front Religious Freedom has won out. But the landmark Hobby Lobby case did not settle the matter definitively, and some small business owners and religious groups are still be levied with outrageous fines for failing to obey the Government, despite sound Religious opposition to the law. A major loss for Religious Freedom is the case for same-sex unions in the United States. Not the Supreme Court ruling that such unions are legal, but the ruling that a business cannot refuse to do business with a same-sex couple on Religious grounds. On a smaller scale, atheist groups continue to erode Religious Freedom with their legal challenges to prayer and public displays of Religion.

The United States Constitution guarantees Freedom of Religion, but that guarantee is under attack in the modern era. What the Founders established as a simple fact is constantly being challenged by those that wish to see Religion destroyed in America. No longer are Americans free to live out their Religion in their daily lives, but rather we are forced to hide the fact that God is right up there with Country when it comes to things we believe in. But remember: When Country fails you, you always have God to stand by your side.

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