Religious Freedom

Atheists Fight Christmas


Whether atheists want to accept it or not, Christmas is a part of America. And Christmas is a Christian celebration, first and foremost. Yet Christmas is constantly under attack from atheists who seek to remove symbols of this Christian holiday from the American landscape. One does not hear of Jewish groups fighting the placement of Christian Nativity scenes on the footsteps of Government buildings. No, only atheists have the gall to attack the very meaning of Christmas. And across America, these atheist groups are succeeding in their quest to remove God from the United States.

However, atheists have it all wrong. They are arguing that they are in the right because the First Amendment to the Constitution separates Church and State. However, in their quest they are not reading the actual text, and their interpretation only serves their purposes. The clause of the First Amendment in no way mentions a complete separation between the Government and Religion in the United States. It simply states that the Government will not pass any laws which favor one religion over another.

How is a Nativity scene a law? It is not. It is a reflection of the Christian heritage that makes America strong. Many courthouses and capitol buildings choose to also display symbols of Hanukkah alongside the Nativity scenes. While this is a noble gesture, it is not necessary. By displaying the birth of Christ on the lawn of a city hall, that city Government is not in any way passing a law saying that Christianity is the religion of that city. Instead, they are recognizing that most people in that city are Christian and can identify with the statues of Mary, Joseph, wise men, and shepherds gathered around an infant Jesus.

Atheists want to remove God from the United States. But what they fail to recognize is that the United States is open to all faiths. Atheists want to make this great country into a Godless nation, but in their zeal to accomplish that, they fail to recognize that the United States is open even to these godless individuals, who receive the same legal status as those who choose to worship God.

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