Religious Freedom

The Gift of True Freedom of Religion


As the calendar changes over to December, Christians and Jews around the world are preparing to celebrate Christmas and Hanukah. Here in the United States we are blessed enough to have a Government that allows free expression of Religion, albeit to a certain extent. Yet the greatest challenge to Religious Freedom in the United States comes not from the Government, but those challenging the Government on its practice of Freedom of Religion. Forget the fact that Religious Freedom is codified in our Constitution, these groups want to remove God – regardless of how He is worshiped – from the United States of America. And they are winning their fight.

In Illinois, the group “Freedom From Religion” successfully posted a sign in the State Capitol building stating that there “are no gods” and that December should be a time to celebrate the winter solstice (they neglect to recognize that the winter solstice is a time to recognize a myriad of pagan gods). The worst part is that they put the sign up “on behalf of the legislature”! Now, Illinois is no more Godless than the rest of the nation, so it is unlikely that the State Legislature asked FFR to put the sign up. But the fact remains that the sign was erected, and has not been taken down.


As religious citizens of the only truly Free nation, we need to stand together at this holy time and let our Government – Local, State, and Federal – know that we believe in Religion in the United States. We must let them know that the First Amendment does not exempt this nation from Religion, but establishes it as a Religious Nation. God has His place in the United States, and because we have allowed Him into our country, we have been blessed abundantly. But when we choose to ignore the actions of those that wish to remove God from this nation, we do nothing more than condone the actions, and turn our backs on God at a time when we need Him most.

Stand strong this holiday season, whether you celebrate Hanukah or Christmas. Remember, this nation was founded on the Right to practice Religion, not ignore it.

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