Religious Freedom

Taking Away the Right to Religion

If you are interested in the rampant violations of the First Amendment and Religious Freedom, you need look no further than your daily newspaper or favorite news website. Each day brings fresh proof that the so-called “progressive” nature of the Federal Government is fighting to diminish the Right to practice Religion as each of us sees fit, both in our private lives and outside of the home or worship center. Most Americans see Religious Freedom not in the sense of the possibility that some other person’s rights are trampled, but, rather, as the opportunity to live their lives according to a specific set of principles that define a part of who they are. However, the current Administration in Washington, DC sees the free practice of Religion as a cancer on American Society. And just like any cancer, they hope to cut it out and leave America a Godless nation where the people are not free to practice Religion on any grounds.

The latest example of this “war on religion” is the Administration’s attempt to force its way into the very fundamental running of certain religious bodies. In other words, the Government would step in when it came to a church choosing a pastor or a synagogue choosing a rabbi. The Government would certainly be violating any semblance of “separation of Church and State”, but we have all seen how this Administration tends to get its way, regardless of the consequences for our Constitutional Rights.

As people of religion – any religion – we need to stand strong against any Government body which seeks to eliminate our Religious Freedom. Whether you limit your religion to a place of worship or you take it with you into the way you run a business, the Federal Government is seeking to severely restrict what “Freedom of Religion” means in the United States. They want to change it from the clear definition in the First Amendment to something that would not be recognized as “free” by anyone with any understanding of what freedom is.

Together, as religious citizens, we can stand against the Government bodies that seek to destroy our Religious Freedom. Like any battle, we are stronger as a single united body. And this is a battle which will define this country for the next two and a half centuries. We will not allow the Government to take away the Fundamental Right to freely practice our Religion.

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