Religious Freedom

A Right to Believe


What does Religious Freedom mean? The United States was founded on the principle of Religious Freedom, but many Americans do not understand what Religious Freedom means because they take it for granted. However, those Americans that believe in Freedom from Religion are winning the battle against Religious Freedom in the United States. These groups and individuals want to remove religion completely from the American way of life, and because most Americans do not understand what Religious Freedom is, they stand idly by while their Right to freely practice their religion is trampled and destroyed.

Freedom of Religion is something wholly unique to the United States. While other nations have tried to imitate the United States over the last 250 years, none have come close to the Freedoms that Americans enjoy. But the current push by groups has seen the Government give in repeatedly and laws have been passed which have diminished the definition of Freedom of Religion. As the country has shifted toward a “progressive” stance on a number of topics, the Rights guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution have suffered the most. The Liberal attitude is against the Constitution and the Rights contained therein. It is this same Liberal attitude that has repeatedly attacked Religious Freedom in the United States over the past decade. The First Amendment is first for a reason: without it, no other Rights mean anything.

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, remember to be thankful for the Religious Freedom that has been handed down to you by the Founders of the United States. But do not become complacent in the belief that this Right is guaranteed. So long as the groups that fight against Religious Freedom are allowed to continue win their battles, Religious Freedom in America will not be safe. We must recognize what Freedom of Religion means: the Right to any religion, but not a right from religion. The people of the United States are as diverse in their religious beliefs as they are in their ancestry and backgrounds. All people of the United States have the same Right to their Religious Beliefs, and all Americans who hold onto their Beliefs must stand together on this Thanksgiving and let the Government know that they are thankful for their Rights, and that they will no longer stand by while those Rights are trampled by those that feel God has not place in America.

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