Religious Freedom

Nations and Empires

It should have been over with when Hobby Lobby won the case against the Health and Human Services Mandate to provide free contraceptives as part of their Government-mandated health insurance. But, apparently it is not. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a number of new cases against the Affordable Care Act coming from businesses and organizations that protest on a Religious basis that they should not be required to provide contraceptives as part of their health insurance plan.

What is Freedom of Religion? Does it mean you can practice any religion you want to? That is a part of it. But in the United States of America Freedom of Religion means that the Government will not interfere in anyone’s faith, unless that faith is interfering with someone else’s fundamental rights. This Right to Freedom of Religion is written into the very document that defines the laws of the nation, and it is written as the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights – that is how much importance the men and women who founded the United States placed on Freedom of Religion.

But now, in the twenty-first century, Freedom of Religion is under attack. In the name of “progress” Freedom of Religion is being dismantled by those in power at the behest of groups that would see the U.S. turned into a Godless State, instead of a State where even those who have no god are free to live. The Government of the United States is doing all it can – at all levels – to destroy the basic Freedom of Religion that has helped define and shape this nation, setting it apart from virtually every other country in the world.

Unless those that hold Freedom of Religion dear take a stand against those that wish to see God subjugated to the State, then Religion will have no place in the U.S. and we will be no better off than the nations and empires that fell before us.

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