Religious Freedom

Ignoring Religious Freedom


Freedom of Religion, or Religious Freedom, means something different to everyone. So how can we, as a nation, define Religious Freedom for the purposes of passing and interpreting laws which, ultimately, relate to Freedom of Religion and our First Amendment Rights as they apply to us as individuals and how we live our Religious Beliefs in our daily lives – not just personally but out there in the real world? This is the challenge that lawmakers in the United States, at all levels of Government, face when they pass laws which may or may not have implications for Freedom of Religion for even one individual citizen in the United States. They are bound by the Constitution, and the First Amendment, to pass laws which provide for the common welfare of the People, and that means that those laws must allow for the Free Practice of Religion in the United States, by each person, regardless of their particular beliefs or how those beliefs relate to another person or group of people.

Unfortunately, recently, the Government has done little, if anything, to protect the Religious Liberties of the People, and, in some instances, going so far as to pass and enforce laws which eliminate Religious Freedom from the lives of the People of the United States. The Government of the United States, in the last half decade, has done more to diminish the meaning of the First Amendment and Freedom of Religion than any other thing it has done in the same period of time. And all of this is in the name of Progress for the good of the People. But by trying to make the lives of the People better, in one way or another, the Government has neglected to recognize that it is taking away the very Rights the People are entitled to by the Constitution, which forms the basis for all laws passed in the United States.

If this trend of ignoring the Religious Freedom we, as citizens, are guaranteed by law is not reversed soon, it will become so engrained in the System that soon laws will be passed and there will be no religious grounds to challenge them because there will no longer be Freedom of Religion in the United States. We will have become a totally secular society, instead of one which embraces the individual Rights of all to practice their Religion in their life as they see fit.

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