Religious Freedom

Minority Trumps Majority


How often does the minority win out over the majority? In the case of Religious Freedom in 21st Century America, the minority is winning out over the majority on a daily basis. In today’s America, mainstream Christianity is the majority religion. Smaller Christian-based groups, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, agnostics, etc. make up the minority of religious beliefs in the country. Yet it is the mainstream Christian groups that are targeted by laws and legal proceedings forcing them to violate their religious beliefs in the name of equality for all Americans. Christian business owners are forced to fight for the right to practice their religion as part of their business, while non-Christian businesses go about their business without any interference from the Government.

This is caused by an intersection of the First Amendment, providing equality of religion, and the Fourteenth Amendment, providing equality of treatment. But in today’s society, where these two legal precedencies intersect for Christians, it is the Fourteenth Amendment which wins out, and the First Amendment which is trampled in the dust. But, again, minority religious groups are ignored over the same issues, simply because they are the minority.

So would it be better if we were all in the majority? If all religions took the same objections to the Fourteenth Amendment that mainstream Christians take? How would the Government handle a situation like that, where everyone with any religious affiliation could consciously object to something? It has actually happened in the past, in times of war, when men could consciously object to fighting on religious moral grounds. And that statute still stands, today. But if you choose not to fight, someone must fight for you. So why can a Christian business owner choose not to serve someone, and let someone else serve them? It seems that this double-standard only applies to the Christian majority, with any minority religions being ignored.

If the U.S. is going to truly stand for Religious Freedom, then it needs to extend that Freedom to anyone of any religion, under any circumstance. The minority religious groups cannot trump the majority religious group simply because the majority group is larger and calls more attention to itself. The Government needs to protect the Rights of all citizens as defined by the Constitution, and that needs to include the Right to freely practice one’s Religion.

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