Religious Freedom

Fears Over Religious Freedom

Fears over religious freedom in the United States have increased over all segments of the population – including Millennials, atheists, agnostics, and unaffiliated members of society. The numbers are up from 2012, and reflect how people feel about religious freedom in the United States and how it has changed over the last 10 years. The fact that all of these groups believe that America has less religious freedom now than it did in 2012 is a troubling sign, but it reflects a lot of changes in American society since 2012.

Over the last three years there have been a number of landmark cases won or lost that reflect what it means to have religious freedom in the United States. For the most part these lawsuits have revolved about same-sex unions and the treatment of the LGBT community by the rest of America’s population. And for that reason, most people who see a change blame it on the LGBT community and their “corruption” of America.

But it cannot be narrowed down to one group in America. It is, when it comes down to it, the Government that has made decisions that have reduced religious freedom in America. While those decisions may have been influenced by this group or that group, it ultimately comes down to how politicians and judges felt about certain topics related to religious freedom. And as this country has shifted in a more “liberal” direction, the Government has shifted and reflected that changing American culture. It is that changing culture of America – not one group – that has led to the remission of religious freedom in the country.

America, as a whole, is scared that it is losing something that makes it what it is, religious freedom. The First Amendment guarantees religious freedom, so it will always be a part of the legal code of the U.S., but how it is interpreted will always change with the changing society that elects the Government which makes the laws.

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