Religious Freedom

Forcing the Issue

The issue of Religious Freedom in the United States has, recently, become one related to Government mandates on contraceptives and legal issues surrounding same-sex unions. But Religious Freedom is more than that. Religious Freedom cannot be boiled down to the current political climate and the issues of the day. Religious Freedom has been something that has been an issue in the United States from its founding, in one form or another, and it will continue to be an issue. Religious Freedom in the United States is an issue of forcing one’s beliefs on someone else or having their beliefs forced on you.

In today’s political climate, the issues surrounding Religious Freedom are about the Government forcing its view of what is right and just on those people who believe otherwise. These people are not anarchists or fighting the Government, they simply want to be recognized as someone who disagrees with a Government mandate to do something that violates their religious beliefs. The Government is forcing the issue on them, and taking legal action against them if they refuse to follow the Government mandates. But these mandates violate their First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion, and the Government chooses to ignore that, stating that the rights of others come before the Religious Rights of those who are in opposition to the mandate.

It is possible to boil the issue of Religious Freedom in America today down to a few key issues, but it is necessary to look at it from the perspective of the Government, and other groups such as the ACLU, forcing issues on those that, peacefully, oppose these issues. But by forcing the issues related to violating Religious Freedom, the Government is calling attention to themselves and their willingness to violate the Constitution in the name of progressing the rights of others.

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