Religious Freedom

A Right Not To Be Taken Away


A Church-State separation group has launched a new campaign to rid the nation of Religious Freedom laws, which protect people of faith. The odd thing is that the group is led by a Christian minister. The group seeks to get rid of laws which protect a person’s right to consciously object to something based on their religious belief. Over the last eight years there have been a number of such cases, from organizations refusing to supply birth control to people refusing to serve same sex couples or hand out marriage licenses to those couples. All of this is done in the name of Religious Freedom, a Freedom that is grounded in the Constitution of the United States.

Some will argue that the Fourteenth Amendment comes into play here, as well. The Fourteenth Amendment provides for equal protection under the law, but does not provide equal rights for everyone. Therefore, it is perfectly within the right of any person or business to follow their religious beliefs when it comes to making decisions. That is where things get tied up and muddled. People believe that just because a law was passed stating that employers must provide birth control, that women suddenly have a right to birth control, and it is the duty of their employer to provide it. But if it violates that employer’s First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion, then, no, they do not have to provide free birth control.

Americans think they are entitled to certain things, and when they believe the law is on their side, they will fight for that right to whatever that is. Unfortunately, the ultimate law of the United States is the Constitution, and unless it is changed with an Amendment, it stands as the true authority on all things legal in this country. One can argue against Religious Freedom, but it is written in ink on the Constitution, and that Right cannot be taken away. The Founders knew that it was a sacred Right, and so it is part of the First of ten Amendments we call the Bill of Rights. Religious Freedom is a Right, not something that can be taken away because some group disagrees with it.

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