Religious Freedom

Religion is Going Nowhere


As defined by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Freedom of Religion means that the Government will make no laws which impede the practice of any religion in the United States. It seems pretty straightforward and clear when written out in such simple terms. But, like any legal term, it is more complicated than just that. Because the Government cannot make a law against a religion, it also cannot support a religion – hence the U.S. has a separation of Church and State. This has all worked relatively well for over 200 years. But as the country moved into the twenty-first century, things started to change. People and groups started to challenge Religious Freedom and whether the Government – at all levels – was really keeping out of religious affairs, or if they were supporting some religious beliefs while ignoring others.

The majority of the opposition to “religious freedom” comes from those that want to remove religion from the United States, altogether. They are they ones that want ‘In God We Trust” taken off the currency and “…one nation under God…” removed from the pledge. But even if those things were removed, God would not leave the United States. Religion is so ingrained into so many Americans’s lives, that there is no way to divorce religion from the United States. And it is the very Government of the U.S. which allows for Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc. to live side by side, freely expressing and living their religion. It is not the Muslims calling for “God” to be replaced with “Allah” or the Buddhists hoping for their own changes. Anyone in America with any shred of religion in their life recognizes that the United States is, and always will be, a religious nation. It was founded on the principles of freedom of religion, and that Right has been exercised by countless generations. Religion is not leaving America, regardless of what some groups hope for. If their freedom from religion is what drives them, then they may choose to ignore the signs of religion that are such a huge part of American culture and society. The word “God” should be nothing more than a word to them, and taking offense is demonstrating how small-minded they are about the whole idea.

Religion will remain in the United States as long as there is a United States. It is a part of who the people are, and it will continue to shape society for the better. No group will ever take religion away from the American people, no matter how hard they try or how many lawsuits they file.

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