Religious Freedom

Taking Away Rights


Businesses across the country are scrambling due to the new war against religious freedom as it applies to tolerance in America. Any business run by a conscientious objector based on religious beliefs has become a target, and it is only getting worse. In Colorado, a bakery is being fined out of business due to an objection by the owner to serve a same-sex couple, who could have gone to any number of other bakeries. At the same time, Chick-fil-A is fighting for a deal at the Denver International Airport because of a comment made in 2012 by the company’s owner about same-sex unions. Both of these businesses have these beliefs based solely on their religious convictions, and they are being punished for those convictions by losing out on business due to Government-sponsored attacks on them.

But it is not just in Colorado that this is happening. All over the country, Government entities – from local city councils all the way up to the Federal Government – are attacking businesses that hold their Religious Freedom dear. The Right to freely practice religion does not end when one leaves their place of worship. The Right does not end when one leaves their home to go to work. The Right to Freedom of Religion applies at all times in any situation in the United States, because it is a Constitutionally-guaranteed Right. And because of that, no Government body may infringe on the right of anyone, at any time, to practice their religion. So when a business is put in jeopardy by a city council or a local court due to their religious convictions, that is a violation of that business owner’s Freedom of Religion.

Businesses owners have a Right to live out their religious beliefs in the running of their business. But, unfortunately, Governments across the country and at all levels are taking away that Right.

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