Religious Freedom

Results of Religious Freedom Survey

The results of a nationwide phone survey of 1,000 people regarding Religious Freedom in the United States from September of 2014 have been released, and they look promising for a country that was founded on the principles of Religious Freedom. 90% of people believe that people in the U.S. should be free to choose and practice their religion, and nearly 70% considered the U.S. to be a nation of many religions. While Christians and Jews are most welcome, support for other beliefs is growing with the coming of age of Millennials.

The support for Religious Freedom in the United States is almost staggering, with statistics topping 90+% in many of the questions asked. Christians tend to be more tolerant of other faiths, with Catholics the most tolerant of Christians. There is fear of a growing Muslim presence in the U.S., but still many people accept Islam as a religion and part of U.S. culture. Overwhelmingly, Americans believe they should be allowed to practice their religious beliefs and practice those beliefs with people of a similar faith in their own house of worship. However, there is some concern when it comes to Religious Freedom outside of one’s personal life, especially as it applies to running a business based on religious principles. This issue has been prevalent in America for the last couple years with regards to the mandate that employers pay for contraceptives, but still over 75% of religious people believe that a person should be allowed to practice their religion as part of their business.

Freedom of Religion is one of the Founding Doctrines of the United States. And while many people take it for granted, it is an integral part of American society. One may not think about it on a daily basis, but if asked, Americans are very likely to acknowledge the Freedom of Religion that was handed down by law in the Bill of Rights. Occasionally Freedom of Religion leads to problems in the United States, but for the most part it is part of what makes this country so great, and sets it apart from the majority of the rest of the world.

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