Religious Freedom

The Right to Freedom of Religion

US Capitol Building

Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz is trying to set himself up as the candidate on the side of Religious Freedom. He argued at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington that the other Republican candidates have shied away from tackling an issue that should be a the core of the Presidential candidacy of all conservatives. In his statement, he brought up the laws being fought against in Indiana and Arkansas which sought to defend Religious Freedom, but where vehemently attacked by Democrats and big businesses. These laws would allow a business, generally a small, familyrun business, to refuse service to a potential customer if serving that customer went against their Religious Beliefs. Democrats and bigger businesses painted the laws as discriminatory, and fought against them. In the case of the Indiana law, Cruz supported Governor Pence’s stance on the law.

Cruz argues that the other Republican candidates were not on the side of Religious Freedom when they chose to ignore these issues or make no comment on how these laws protected the Fundamental Right to Free Religion guaranteed by the Constitution. He believes that Religious Freedom will be a hot topic in the 2016 Presidential Election, and that the eventual Republican candidate must stand up for all American Freedoms, but especially those that have been specifically outlined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The Freedom of Religion is defined in the First Amendment, which places it at the core of American society, and should always be remembered as something that the Founders of the United States took very seriously and wanted to protect.

Whether or not Mr. Cruz receives the nomination in 2016 to be the Republican Presidential Candidate, he is certainly beginning to take a stance on some very important topics for the election and what the next President will face in their Presidency. Freedom of Religion is something that so many Americans take for granted, until a law or a group comes into the limelight at suddenly it is a hot topic. Over the last several years, Freedom of Religion has been hotly contested and debated, and it is up to the Government – at all levels – to ensure that this Right is maintained for all Americans.

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