Religious Freedom

What Is and Is Not Religious Freedom

HHS MAndate

The Right to run a business or organization based on Religious Principles is once again under fire in the United States. In Florida, the Governor signed a measure that prohibits adoption agencies receiving state funds from expressing their Religious Beliefs when it comes to who may or may not adopt a child from the agency. A similar measure was struck down by the Governor of Michigan. These two instances demonstrate the breadth of political opinion there is in the United States when it comes to what is and is not Religious Freedom. Both Governors are Republican, the political party typically associated with
Conservative Values which tend to defend Religious Freedom in the United States.

Americans, as a whole, seem to forget that Religious Freedom is not left behind when they leave their place of worship. While this may be true for some, for many, living their Christianity, their Judaism, their Hindu is a part of their daily life and their personal religious beliefs drive how they live their lives and, in some instances, how they run their businesses. All Americans have the Right to live their Religious Freedom on a daily basis in every aspect of their lives, and it is up to the Government to ensure that that Right is not trampled or tarnished by laws and regulations limiting what is and is not Freedom of Religion
in the United States.

When a business, such as an adoption agency, chooses to adhere to Christian principles, they have the Right, given to them by the First Amendment, to express those Christian principles in how they operate their business. The fact that they receive monies from the Government should have nothing to do with it, as many businesses that are counter to religious beliefs receive money from the Government without question. A business owner or organization has the same Fundamental Right to freely express their Religious Beliefs as a citizen walking out of a Church on Sunday.

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