Religious Freedom

A Land of Freedom of Religion

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The formation of Government in the United States is such that there is a Balance of Power: none of the three branches of the Federal Government has complete control over the Government, and they all must work in harmony to ensure that the Government remains possible.

Nowhere is this Balance of Power more crucial than in defending the Constitutional Rights, but especially the Right to Freedom of Religion. Religion in the United States takes many forms. From establishments such as the Catholic Church to small gatherings of non-denominational Christian groups, Christianity has always been a key part of the American experience. But smaller religions – Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, and others – still have their place in American culture and society. America has always been a “melting pot” of ideas, but religious ideas have always remained separate, personal. These beliefs and belief structures are what so many Americans turn to in times of need or when looking for an escape from the daily grind.

The Government exists to serve the People of the United States, and as such, the various Government bodies – at all levels – should work to ensure that the Rights of the People are not infringed upon in any way. The Right to freely practice one’s religion is something that American’s hold so dear that they have fought for that Right – not with weapons, but with words. And the most poignant examples of the fight for Religious Freedom comes from those officials elected by the People to serve in the Government. In meeting halls, Legislature Buildings, and Capitol Buildings across the country, our elected officials have worked to ensure that a Catholic has every right to his belief as a Methodist has right to hers.

These laws are enforced by the Mayors, Governors, and the President, and upheld by every Court in the country. This is because America, as a whole, recognizes that the unique form of Government allows for Freedom to be expressed on a daily basis. And by affording Americans the Right to freely practice religion, through laws which are enforced and upheld, the Government stands by the Constitution which was drafted over two hundred years ago, declaring that the United States of America is still a land of Freedom of Religion.

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