Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom of the Majority


Throughout human history, actions have been carried out in the name of religion. From killing Christians in the Roman Empire for not worshiping the pagan gods to the Catholic crusades against Jews and Muslims in the Middle Ages, or the Protestant Reformation during the Renaissance, religion has shaped humanity and where the human experience has gone from the time men crawled out of a cave and looked to the heavens and wondered what more there was than the world around them. But much of
the story of religious action has been against one religion or another – this belief system arguing its merits against another, and often violence has ensued or irreparable damage has been carried out. But in the late eighteenth century a place was founded where it made no difference what your religious beliefs were: the United States of America. Founded on Freedom and Liberty, the very law of this nation is designed to provide its citizens with Rights that no other people in the world have access to. And a central part of that Freedom is the Freedom of Religion. Enshrined in the Bill of Rights as part of the First Amendment to the Constitution, Americans have every right to practice their religion and the Government has no power to interfere, so long as that practice of religion does no harm to another person.

But of late, the Right to freely express one’s religion is coming under fire. Christians, specifically, are being targeted as people who are intolerant and hateful for their religious beliefs on certain “hot topics of the times”. Yes, there are certain Christian beliefs that are contradictory to some of what is going on in the United States and the world at large. But Christianity is first and foremost a religion of acceptance and tolerance. True Christians believe that every person, regardless of their background, thoughts, beliefs, or actions, has a place in society. But those that are intolerant of Christian beliefs, especially Government bodies, are doing themselves no favors by standing against the Religious Rights that all Americans share.

There are some who act out against what true Christian teachings should be, but the majority of Christians and many other religions in the United States – only want one thing. They want to maintain the unity of this great nation with its roots in Religious Freedom which serve as a cornerstone of every other Freedom Americans enjoy as they go about their lives, too busy to worry about the cares of a small minority who are arguing over trivial matters that will, one day, not even be a footnote in the history books of the United States of America.

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