Religious Freedom

Freedom is Freedom


How can it be against the law to practice one’s religious beliefs? That seems to be the growing trend across the country as businesses are shut down by the judges for refusing service to individuals who go against the religious beliefs of the owner. Across the country, the Right to practice Religion as laid down by the U.S. Constitution is coming under fine. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees Freedom of Religion, in any form, so long as that does not violate the rights of someone else. Yet, apparently, when someone practices those Rights in their own life or business, they are discriminated against for “discriminating” against someone else. As Americans, these individuals are free to practice their religion on their own grounds, and no one has the right to tell them how to practice or what they can and cannot do.

The fact that it is judges upholding these rulings that businesses are violating the rights of others is abhorrent, and an example of the direction that “Freedom” is moving in the United States. When a business owner cannot choose to deny service to someone because they disagree with that someone on religious grounds, that is a clear violation of that business owner’s First Amendment Rights. These judges should be upholding the Constitution they swore to defend, and allowing these individuals to practice their Religious Rights as they see fit, even if that means losing out on business from those people they refuse to serve.

The people of America have been blessed with so many freedoms, and it is that example of what it means to be “FREE” that so many other country’s aim for as they build their governments and societies. But when one of the fundamental rights of the American people is under attack for not being “progressive enough”, what message does that send to the rest of the world? Is America free so long as the definition of “freedom” is in line with what a few want it to mean? No, Freedom is Freedom, and so long as those freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution, the American people have the Right to enjoy those Freedoms regardless of what anyone else says.

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