Religious Freedom

Protection in All Its Forms

A supporter of the proposed lower Manhattan Muslim cultural center and mosque holds a sign in front of the proposed site New York

A group in Indiana has taken up the call to fight for freedom of religion in an effort to increase legal protection for individuals with deeply-help religious beliefs. In a time when the Freedom to practice one’s religion as one sees fit has come under constant fire from numerous angles, it is a relief to know
that there are still groups fighting for the fundamental Right to Religious Freedom, as defined by the U.S.

Proponents of the movement declare that it will allow for businesses to operate on their own terms, not those dictated by the state of Indiana. A business may refuse to work with or for someone of a different religious belief, simply based on that religious difference. Opponents of the measure assert that the bill will measure will lead to discrimination by businesses and individuals who choose to refuse business to those that they disagree with fro ma a religious standpoint.

But regardless of whether the measure becomes law, people in Indiana will continue to treat each other based on their religious beliefs. And for the most part, those beliefs are strongly rooted in JudeaChristian principles which involve treating neighbors and others with the respect that is the First Right guaranteed by the Founding Fathers as they set for the to establish the United States of America and declare independence from Great Britain.

Each citizen of the United States is born with the same Rights, and as long as those Rights do not infringe in the Rights of another person, the free exercise of those Rights cannot be taken away by any form of Government. In Indiana, people are fighting for the fundamental Right to freely practice religion as they see fit, whether that means closing their business door or opening their arms to someone in need. Religious Freedom on the United States cannot be defined one way or another, but it is up to the Legislatures of the country to ensure that it is protected In all its forms.

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