Religious Freedom

The Freedom and the Right


A recent news search of “freedom of religion” or “religious freedom” will bring back a plethora of
articles related to discrimination and how allowing for freedom of religion will lead to intolerance and
discrimination against certain groups. However, on the opposite side of this coin, it becomes apparent
that those arguing against the laws allowing for Freedom of Religion are, in fact, discriminating against
religion and the free expression on religion as defined by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
By discriminating against businesses and individuals who choose to express their God-given right to
practice religion as they see fit, these individuals and groups are turning the tables of discrimination
against those who seek only to practice their Religious Rights.

Many of these businesses have been built on religious principles, and many people – across the country
– live their lives by a strict moral code rooted in religious beliefs, whether they are Christian, Muslim, or
Hindu, and these individuals and businesses have the right to practice that religion the way they see fit,
as it fits into their daily lives. And no one has the right to take that Right away from them. The free
practice of Religion is something that makes the United States unique in the world because, regardless
of an individual’s beliefs, that individual is guaranteed the Right to freely practice that religion. But when
individuals try to take those rights away from other individuals, and the law does not stand up and fight
back against that, the fabric of the First Amendment begins to tear, and what makes the United States
what it is begins to erode away and what is left is a secular society with no religion and no Freedom of

It is the duty of those who swore to uphold the Constitution to do just that, and uphold the First
Amendment and guarantee that the citizens of the United States are Free to practice their Right to

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