True Freedom


According to Catholic Education Daily, more than 400 Catholic organizations which participate in the Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust may soon be affected by the Obama Administration’s fight to enforce the Health and Human Services mandate. While this may appear to be a blow to Religious Freedom in the United States, where that Right is guaranteed by the First Amendment, it may also lead to a Supreme Court ruling which could definitively decide whether religious organizations across the country may choose to be exempt from the mandate on religious grounds.

While the Trust is protected from abiding by the mandate by a Supreme Court injunction issued in January, a brief filed by the Obama Administration in early September indicates that the Government is seeking to end the effect of that injunction, and force the Trust and its members to abide by the law which has seen continuous push-back from religious employers, groups, and organizations since the Affordable Care Act was passed and the HHS mandate took effect. It seems that regardless of the outcome of numerous legal filings and decisions over the last several years, there is always another case brought to Federal courts by an employer that feels compelled by their religious principles to seek protection from the mandate and its requirement that all employers provide free access to contraceptives.

What is needed is a Supreme Court ruling which has a binding effect on all employers across the country. And if the slew of cases which have been found in favor of the religious groups is any indication, the Supreme Court should rule in favor of those employers and set the standard that an employer may opt-out of the mandate on religious grounds. The Hobby Lobby ruling in early summer seemed like a step in the right direction, but the religious Rights of religious employers have not been guaranteed as the Obama Administration continues to do battle against groups nationwide in an attempt to enforce a law that is clearly a violation of the Rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Should a defining case come before the Supreme Court, and should that case be decided in favor of employers seeking exemption from the HHS mandate, it will be an example of how the United States works to preserve the very Rights of its people as defined by the Constitution which has stood as a shining example of Democracy for over two hundred years. Religious Freedom has been a cornerstone of American society, standing as an example of all Freedom, and by affirming that Americans are free to practice their religion as they see fit, the Government will show the world what true Freedom really is.

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