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The Path of Change


The Obama Administration has modified the Health and Human Services mandate on contraceptives and abortions eight times, and according to, none of those changes have reflected how Americans feel, or even the rulings of the Supreme Court. The mandate continues to be challenged on its Constitutionality as it pertains to Religious Freedom in the United States. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that the mandate clearly violates the conscious Religious Rights of employers across the country, whether they are clearly established religious groups or family-run businesses that are operated based on strict religious beliefs.
With each change, the Federal Government has merely tweaked the law in an effort to make it appear that something is being done to protect the First Amendment Rights of people nationwide. However, these changes do nothing to change the very meaning of the law and its clear standing against the Rights of those same people nationwide. The First Amendment clearly identifies that there is an established division between Church and State in the United States. The meaning of that division is designed to prevent the Government from interfering in the practice of religion, so long as that practice does not violate any other Rights. Yet, when that Government passes a law which requires employers or individuals to violate their religious beliefs, the situation is clearly one of Government interference in practice of religion.
How many times does the Federal Government have to change a law before the people realize that no real change is being made? When cases continue to be brought before Federal Courts – at all levels – and the Government refuses to listen to the rulings of those courts, it is obvious that the message is not being heard. If the State were to establish a definitive change to the law which will allow conscious objectors to the law to be exempt from abiding by it, the Church will be allowed to return to free practice of the religious beliefs that have helped to shape America over the last two centuries.
The people of the United States clearly understand that they have Rights, and that the Government is trampling those Rights by not allowing employers with clear objection to the HHS mandate on religious grounds to be exempt. Cases will continue to be brought against the mandate until things begin to be changed for the better. This period of time is testing the very definition of “Freedom of Religion”, and the final outcome will set precedent for that definition for generations to come. With the number of cases being decided in favor of Freedom of Religion, the direction that the nation is heading is toward the Rights defined by the Constitution.
It may take several more cases. It may take another ten changes to the law. It may take a new President or a newly established Congress. But the law will be changed, and the Rights of employers and individuals across the United States will be secured as they continue to operate their businesses and personal lives by the religious beliefs that define them.

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