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A Nation of Religion


The U.S. Navy has reversed its stance on Bibles placed in Navy base hotel rooms. These Bibles, placed by the Gideons, are commonplace in hotel rooms across the country. However, because Naval bases are run by the Government, atheist groups oppose the placement of a Christian Bible in these hotel rooms. This is just another case where “Freedom of Religion” is being treated as “Freedom from Religion”, and while the Navy’s ruling on the manner is only temporary, it demonstrates that America is a nation of religious beliefs, where all citizens are free to express those beliefs as they see fit, not as dictated by someone who does not share those same beliefs.

While Ron Crews, the executive director of The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, understands that the measure is only temporary, he did state that he believes the atheist groups opposing the Bibles would not have risen up if the Koran had been placed in the hotel rooms. It seems that there is a double-standard when far-left groups oppose Religious Freedom in the United States. They choose to go against the largest religious groups in the nation, thereby making a big deal out of situations that are otherwise ignored when it comes to smaller religious groups. But the end-game is the same: removing any semblance of religion from anything related to the Government in the United States.

And that is a fight they cannot win.

The United States was founded on religious principles, and it is these principles that permeate every aspect of American life, whether one realizes it or not. Arguing for the removal of Nativity scenes on Government property, or the removal of “In God We Trust” from our money, or “…one Nation under God…” from our Pledge of Allegiance will not remove God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, or any other symbol of any religion from the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans. The Freedom to practice one’s Religion is tantamount to the very nature of the United States, and the people of this great nation will fight to keep “Freedom of Religion” from becoming “Freedom from Religion”.

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