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The Right Rights


Democrats are speaking out against the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, protecting the craft store from being forced to supply its employees with free contraceptives as part of the Affordable Care Act. The ruling, split along the Conservative/Liberal line of the Justices, granted that companies in the United States which are held by a small group of people, and operated in accordance with that group’s religious beliefs are not required to violate those religious beliefs when it comes to contraceptives and abortion-causing drugs. Until the ruling at the end of June, only groups specifically associated with a religion, such as a church, were granted stays with regards to the law, and even some obviously religious groups (such as groups of Catholic nuns) were not granted freedom from the mandate.


And now, Democrats across the country are voicing their displeasure with the Court ruling, and demonstrating once again that Liberals in the United States are against Religious Freedom. All across the country, the voices of Liberals are striking against the Court ruling and doing things such as arranging blocks at Hobby Lobby declaring that women have the right to contraceptives, while asserting that Hobby Lobby does not have the right to run the business according to its religious beliefs. Unfortunately, the First Amendment of the Constitution does in fact declare that Hobby Lobby, and other like businesses, to in fact have the right to Freedom of Religion, and there is no portion of any law anywhere that states that a woman has the right to contraceptives. And, in fact, the Supreme Court ruling does not allow Hobby Lobby’s health insurance plan to not provide women with contraceptives, it merely states that Hobby Lobby does not need to provide its women employees with free contraceptives, because the Christian family which runs the business believes that the use of contraceptives is a sin.


Obviously, some people are confused about what rights the people of the United States have, especially when it comes to rights guaranteed by the Constitutional framework that serves as the laws for this nation. It seems that “progressives” want to progress further from the Constitution, which has served as the blueprint for Democracy throughout the world, especially when it comes to the First Amendment and the Freedom of Speech and Religion it provides.

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