Religious Freedom

Shaping the Future of a Great Nation


A school district in California has forbidden its students to speak of their religious belief in Jesus Christ while in school. The district asserts that anything the students say while in school is said as a representative of the school, and therefore in violation of the laws requiring separation of Church and State. However, by telling a student that they are not allowed to express their religious beliefs in a public school, the school board is in direct violation of that child’s First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion, guaranteed by those very laws separating Church and State.
These Christian children have the same right as any other child to live their religion in their daily lives. But they have been singled out from other religious groups and told that their beliefs cannot be expressed because they infringe on the “rights” of other children. In a country that is still predominantly Christian, it seems that Christians are continually being called out for living their beliefs because so many groups feel that they are violating religious freedom. Christian citizens are not afforded any other rights or privileges than any other religious people, but they are constantly the center of negative attention for their beliefs.
The First Amendment grants that people in the United States are free to practice their religion (as long as it does not infringe on the basic human rights of any other people) without interference from a government body. So how can a school district be protecting the religious rights of students when they are taking away those same rights from other students? These students are the future of the United States, and they will shape the rest of their lives based on their experiences as children and young adults. If they are denied the basic rights granted them by the Constitution at a young age, how will that be shaping their futures, and subsequently the future of this great nation?

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