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HHS Mandate

There have been close to 100 cases filed against the Health and Human Services mandate involving over 300 plaintiffs, and of those cases, 55 have resulted in injunctions being granted and seven injunctions denied. The mandate, which requires employer-sponsored health insurance to provide free access to contraceptives and abortion drugs, has become one of the largest stains on the Affordable Care Act. The groups filing the claims, mostly Catholic and Protestant Christian, allege, rightly, that the law violates their First Amendment Right to Religious Freedom. These groups hold to a strict set of religious principles, which declare that the use of contraceptives and abortions is sinful and in violation of the teachings of their religions.

At the beginning of May, a case was filed against the mandate which claims that the mandate is in violation of the three pillars of civil society of family, faith, and law. Citing the Greek slave Aesop and the Protestant pastor Martin Neimöller, religious leaders are taking a new approach to their fight against the mandate and the violation of the First Amendment Rights of employers across the country.

Government exists to protect the Rights of the people that are being governed. In the United States, these Rights are declared by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The U.S. Constitution has always been open to interpretation, which is what has allowed it to remain the Cornerstone of American law for over two centuries. However, when the Government begins to violate those same guaranteed Rights through false interpretation of this document, it is up to the governed to reestablish their Rights and point the elected Government back on the path of proper governance. The numerous lawsuits which have been filed against the HHS mandate are clear indicators that the Government has strayed from the path of proper governance, and the Court rulings in favor of the plaintiffs demonstrates that the Law is on the side of the People as they work to maintain the not only their Rights under the Constitution, but their Rights in a Civil Society.

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