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Do Americans Realize?

hhs mandate

Do Americans realize that the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate, part of the Affordable Care
Act (ACA), which requires employer-sponsored health insurance to provide free access to contraceptives
and abortion-causing drugs, violates the freedom to practice religion as those employers see fit? It
seems that is the case with a recent poll showing that 53-percent of Americans disagree with the
mandate, and only 43-percent agree with it – a 10-percent margin.

Since the passage of the ACA, the HHS mandate has come under near-constant scrutiny for forcing
employers to provide contraceptives, regardless of the religious beliefs of those employers. Polls taken
over the last several years have shown various feelings toward the mandate, with Americans showing
more or less apprehension about the mandate. However, the latest poll firmly demonstrates that
Americans are against the mandate, and may indicate that the plethora of lawsuits brought against the
HHS have finally gotten the message across – the religious freedom of the citizens of this country are at
stake because of a law which clearly violates those religious freedoms by forcing employers to turn their
back on their deeply-held beliefs by which they often-times run their businesses.

The realization at just what the HHS mandate is requiring employers to do seems to be dawning. While
not all Americans share the belief that contraceptives and abortion-drugs are in violation of their
religious beliefs, many Americans who stand by the U.S. Constitution and its guarantee of freedom of
religion are beginning to become more active in the fight against the mandate. No one is trying to
abolish the mandate completely, they are just fighting for their individual right to practice their religion
as they see fit, including in their privately-owned business atmosphere where their First Amendment
rights are currently being trampled by the HHS mandate.

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