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College Supporting Cheyenne Diocese Seeking Relief from HHS Mandate

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Wyoming College Joins Cheyenne Diocese in Support against HHS Mandate hhs mandate

As support rises against the HHS mandate across the U.S., we are seeing organizations stand up for their religious rights. A recent report stated that Wyoming Catholic college has joined the Cheyenne Diocese in standing up for their religious beliefs. Dr. Kevin Roberts, who is Wyoming Catholic College president, issued a strong statement against the HHS mandate and asserted the College’s resolve to resist the imposed attack on their religious freedoms. He Stated,

keep in mind the spurious history of this legislation. First, ‘religious employers’ were to be exempt from the contraceptive mandate, but further examination showed that even colleges like ours, who are deeply committed to Church teaching and renowned for fidelity to the Roman Catholic Church, are not considered ‘religious employers.’ Consequently, the Administration articulated the so-called ‘accommodation,’ which accommodates nothing other than an alternative, cunning method for us to violate our beliefs. And finally, even though our health insurance plan is self-funded—supposedly, a fact worthy of protection according to the Act—once again, further examination demonstrates that the opposite is true in practice.” 

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