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A Need to Respond

Religious Freedom

The time is now…Religious Freedom

It is time to respond to the Health and Human Services mandate that all employers in the U.S. provide free access to contraceptives and abortion-causing drugs. This has moved past being just a moral issue of whether it is right or wrong to provide access to these things. It has become a freedom of religion issue. Freedom for a religious employer, be it a church or a Christian bookstore, to choose whether their morals allow for the dispersal of contraceptives – free of charge – to their employees.

No one in the United States has the right to impose their moral beliefs on anyone else, but especially not the Government. The Constitution of this great nation allows for anyone to say what they want and practice what they want, without fear of attack from the same Government set up to defend those very freedoms. Yet, when that Government turns to dictating what an employer will do, what an employer will provide, how can that Government be discerned from those governments around the world where there is no separation of Church and State?

It is time to educate the masses about what the HHS mandate means for religious employers, and even non-religious ones, as well. But the religious employers have the most to gain – and the most to lose – in their stand against this blatant Constitutional violation. If the religious employers of this nation do not stand up for their right to practice their beliefs, whatever those beliefs may be, and how they may choose to practice them, it may be seen as a sign that Religion cannot stand up to Government. And this will not be the end, but only the beginning of the Government telling Religion what it must do.

How far is too far? How far will the Government be allowed to go against Religious Freedom in this country? This topic may seem trivial, even pointless to some, but dictating to a church or a bookstore that has serious moral qualms about the use of contraceptives stands firmly against Religious Freedom, and if the People do not stand up to the Government on this, what is to stop the Government from stepping a little further, and a little further than that? Again, how for is too far? Can those that stand for Religious Freedom really step aside and let the Government bully these religious organizations into doing whatever the Government wants? Is the Government, as established by the Constitution, not supposed to defend Religious Freedom, allowing the People to practice their religion the way they see fit?

It is time for the standard-bearers of Religious Freedom to stand up to the Government and remind this nation of the principles it was founded upon.

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