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Stand Strong Against the HHS Mandate

We Continue to Stand Strong……HHS Mandate

Is the fight against implementation of the Health and Human Services mandate that all employers provide free access to contraceptives losing steam? This topic is not a matter of providing free contraceptives; it is a matter of the Federal Government forcing religious employers to provide free contraceptives, when it goes against the beliefs of those employers. This is a blatant violation of the First Amendment, and starting early last year, the Internet was abuzz with articles and searches concerning the HHS mandate. But things slowed down considerably as 2012 transitioned into 2013.
It seems that as time passes, the importance of this mandate – and its violation of the First Amendment – begins to lessen. When the mandate was introduced religious organizations and institutions (churches) immediately began to fight it. They (rightly) believed that the Federal Government forcing them to do something that they felt was morally wrong should be challenged. However, with a couple small wins, but no major change to how the mandate is implemented and who it applies to, the fight has almost disappeared, or it has taken a backseat to other issues on people’s minds.
But this is a topic that should be at the forefront of society. America is a deeply religious nation, one in which Church and State is separate, but where Church plays a major role in the life of so many people. And when a Church (generally speaking), or group or business with strong ties to a particular religious moral code, are told what they will do by the Federal Government, the whole nation should stand up and declare that it will not stand for this sort of Constitutional violation. Because, when the Government begins by violating religious freedom on something that seems insignificant to the masses (as the HHS mandate seems to be insignificant to so many), it takes no stretch of the imagination to see that soon that some Government will stretch a little further and violate a few more rights protected under Freedom of Religion.
And where will it stop? How far does the Government need to go in telling the Church what it can and will do, before the Church fights back? The HHS mandate is a perfect opportunity for the religious groups, organizations, institutions, and employers to stand up and fight for their rights under the First Amendment. But the fight needs to be noticeable, real, and ongoing. These groups need to stand together, and stand strong in the face of this mandate and the strength of the U.S. Government. By utilizing whatever legal means are available to them, these parties can right the wrongs and remind the Government that this nation was built on the separation of Church and State, not the State telling the Church what to do.

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