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Hate is a powerful and dangerous thing.Freedom

Being falsely accused of hatred is a weapon that is often used against those of us who dare to stand up for traditional marriage. It’s a neat trick.

Just dismiss every moral and political disagreement as ‘hate’, and label your political opponents as ‘hate groups’ and you can shut all argument down.  It’s a shameful strategy used only by people who hate for real.

Perhaps no one has been more effective at leveraging the slippery concept of hate as the Southern Poverty Law Center—an ever growing  list of ‘hate groups’—allows it to demonize all who disagree with their own extreme ideology. How do they do it?

Along side KKK groups and Nazi skinheads, you will also find on their list innocent Christian organizations and other groups that dare to oppose their radical homosexual agenda.

You see, the Southern Poverty Law Center has decided that homosexuality and gay marriage are civil rights. And they have proven quite willing to place anyone who disagrees with them on their Hate Map Of Shame. But what is shameful is the way the enemies of freedom use this list. For example…

…The gunman that attempted a mass killing spree at the Family Research Council headquarters used this Hate Map.

…The author of the outrageous Army presentation that lumped Christians together with terrorists used this Hate Map.

You know who else buys into this hate philosophy of the Southern Poverty Law Center?

President Obama’s administration. Here’s an interesting fact….

Obama’s Department of Justice brought in the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center to give a talk for members of its tax division.

That’s right. The IRS who has been illegally targeting Tea Partiers, pro-lifers, and conservatives has evidently been inspired by the Master Hater himself.

william, the reason I bring this up is because I am defending a small Jewish group that counsels people with unwanted same-sex attraction and that’s being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center. And if successful it could prove dangerous for all of us that believe in marriage, freedom, and conscience.

The Southern Poverty Law Center must not be allowed to win this case because if they do, THEY..WILL..NOT..STOP.

They will go state by state picking off every group—Christian, Jewish, secular, Tea Party—that believes in traditional marriage.

That’s why I’m asking you to help me out by supporting my efforts in this case with a generous donation of $5, $50, $100, or anything you can afford.

I founded the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund to protect our constitutional rights against those that truly hate us. And they are many!

Click here and donate to help me defend those who are being unjustly threatened and attacked.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.

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Charles S. LiMandri

Chief Counsel, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund

P.S. Powerful anti-Christian and anti-marriage groups, from the Southern Poverty Law Center to the IRS and Obama’s Department of Justice are quite willing to use the rhetoric of hate as propaganda against us. But they will only win if good people do nothing. If you have the means, please donate now to the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund. Thank you and God bless you.


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