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Vietnamese Catholic Association signs on as latest sponsor for Fortnight for Freedom Conference.

Vietnamese Catholic Association signs on as latest sponsor for Fortnight for Freedom Conference.

Liem Nguyen is proud to announce the support of the Vietnamese Catholic Association.  Nguyen, who spoke at the June 8 Stand Up For Freedom Rally, personally understands what is at stake.  As he shared with his rally audience, “Immigrating to the United States, literally with nothing but the hope and promise that is freedom, guaranteed by the US Constitution.  It must be safeguarded at all costs”.

His Excellency Bishop Dominic Luong extends his Episcopal blessing upon all conference organizers, volunteers, speakers and attendees and encourages their full, active, participation during the Fortnight for Freedom.

Fortnight for Religious Freedom Conference
“Religious Freedom Comes From the Natural Rights of Man”

Dear Friends,

On Friday June 8, over  2000 people from across Orange County gathered together to rally in support of religious freedom.  It was incredibly inspiring and you can view some of the footage by visiting www.u4rf.org.

I invite you to take time from your busy schedule to join us this Friday, June 22  for the Fortnight for Religious Freedom Conference which will be taking place  from 8:00am to 3:00pm at the Costa Mesa Hilton Hotel.  This conference is being organized by Catholics at Work OC, St. Thomas More Society, the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders and United 4 Religious Freedom in response to the  United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus for all freedom loving Catholic Americans to spend the two weeks (fortnight) from June 22, the feast of Sts. Thomas More and Bishop John Fisher, through July 4, American Independence Day, engaging in acts of prayer, study, and civic action in defense of religious freedom.  We live in very serious times and the Bishops are calling on each of us to personally engage on this issue.  This conference is just such an engagement.  Speakers will include Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, President of the Magis Institute, Dr. Lloyd Pierre, MD of the Sancta Familia Medical Apostolate,  and John Eastman, Dean Emeritus of the Chapman University School of Law, scholar and authority on the founding documents to guide us through a deeper understanding of why religious liberty is under attack, why we must be civilly engaged in defending it and why the HHS Mandate must be stopped.  This conference will include periods of deep prayer, mass will be celebrated by Fr. Quan Tran, Parochial Vicar of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish,   serious study, dialogue and exchange with fellow participants as well as fellowship  during breaks and meal times.  You can register online by visiting  http://catholicsatworkoc.com/fortnight-for-religious-freedom-conference/

Who Should attend?
Anyone and everyone who cares about the issue of religious freedom.  Freedom is not free and needs to be defended by each generation.  Members of all movements, pro-life, social justice, Knights of Columbus, Serra Club members, youth and young adult, senior citizens, veterans, parish leaders, teachers, administrators, religious, business leaders, legal and medical professionals should be there.  This conference will gather us together in prayer, serious study and association with other committed Catholics.  One thing we learned from the rally last week, each of us is not alone in our love of freedom and we are energized by each other’s witness.  This is an excellent learning opportunity and thanks to a generous benefactor, we have a special subsidized rate for students who wish to attend this very special conference.  Cost for this conference is just $39 for general admission, includes programs, all conference materials, networking luncheon and parking, students of all ages are encouraged to attend and can do so for just $19.  You can register online by visiting http://catholicsatworkoc.com/fortnight-for-religious-freedom-conference/

What Can You Do?
Attend the conference.  You can register online by visiting http://catholicsatworkoc.com/fortnight-for-religious-freedom-conference/  Bring a friend, particularly a senior citizen,  they more than anyone understand the price of liberty, and tell a friend.
If you cannot attend, encourage a member of your family to do so, consider underwriting their attendance as a sign of how much you believe in this issue and want them to represent you.  Help promote this event by passing it along to your contact list, posting on your Facebook or other social media channel.
Most importantly, pray for this effort, the organizers, volunteers, speakers and those who will be attending.

I thank you in advance for your support and look forward to seeing you Friday, June 22 at the Costa Mesa Hilton Hotel for the Fortnight for Religious Freedom Conference.

In the Immaculata,

Mark McElrath
Catholics At Work OC
Closing the gap between faith and work

Made 4 More Catholic Men’s Retreat – June 23-24, 2012.  Santiago Retreat Center

Sponsored by :
Catholics at Work OC
Catholic Men’s Fellowship of California
Dynamic Catholic Institute
Ave Maria University
Santiago Retreat Center
To register www.catholicsatworkoc.com 

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