HHS Mandate, Religious Freedom

ObamaCare Mandate Worse Than You Think

ObamaCare Mandate Worse Than You Think


The Obama Administration’s radical healthcare mandate forces Americans to pay for health insurance coverage that funds the taking of innocent human life and other activities – even if doing so violates their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Through ObamaCare, the government is attempting to coerce Americans to fund the abortion industry, and will financially punish American citizens who refuse to comply with its demands.

Did you know that ObamaCare includes plans that deduct an abortion premium directly from your paycheck to fund all types of elective abortions? And fines will be directly assessed when you file your tax returns if you refuse to comply with its mandates.

The ObamaCare mandate is worse than you think. There’s a lot more they don’t want you to know.

Never in America’s 236-year history has there been a more serious assault on your religious freedom. The Alliance Defense Fund is on the front lines of the legal battle against ObamaCare – defending religious organizations and businesses that refuse to comply and abandon their faith.

Together, we must stop the ObamaCare mandate and stand up for our God-given freedom of conscience and religious liberty. Take action today!


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