HHS Mandate, Religious Freedom

The ballots are cast and the primary election may be over…

The ballots are cast and the primary election may be over, but there is still one pressing issue that is not up for a vote, but heavy on the minds and hearts of the local electorate.

This Friday, June 8, 2012, citizens from all over Orange County are uniting in Santa Ana at the “Plaza of the Flags” in an unprecedented gathering.  In ”The OC”, where the term ‘grass roots’ could more readily refer to the nutritional supplement one adds to a protein smoothie instead of a constitutional freedom movement,  diverse groups of local citizens, business owners, and persons of faithful concern have set a grassfire of activism around the issue of religious freedom.

This is a first for Orange County.

The Current Administration’s Health and Human Services Mandate has pushed past healthcare reform into an overreach of the federal government into the right of faithful individuals, business owners, and faith-based charities and institutions to practice their faith in accord with their conscience.

This has hit a nerve among voters nationwide and the ground is swelling here in Orange County.  The grass roots are taking a stand for religious freedom—and standing united.

Rarely do we see the degree of unity amidst such diversity—that is anticipated at the Santa Ana Rally. All corners of the county will be represented and Mormon, Catholic, Jewish, Evangelical Christian, Vietnamese, Hispanic, White and Black will stand United for Religious Freedom.   When the grass roots stand up like this, the politicians should pay attention.

Join us Friday @ the Santa Ana Civic Center to Stand Up for Religious Freedom.

If the Mandate stands, the First Amendment falls.  Stand up–now!

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